Abraham (Adolf) Behrman (1876-1943)

3 Mar

Born in 1876 in Poland, Mr. Behrman began his studies at the Jakub Kacenbogen’s Drawing School in Lodz, Poland. From there he went on to study under the direction of the renowned Gabriel von Hackl. He then moved to Paris, France to study with the artists of the era. In the early 1900’s Mr. Behrman returned to Lodz and founded the Private School of Fine Arts. Between 1925 and 1930, he traveled throughout Palestine, Egypt, Algier, Tunisia, Morocco, and even New York where he had his paintings on exhibit. Mr. Behrman painted post-impressionist landscapes, portraits, and genre scenes from his numerous voyages.

After the outbreak of World War II, Mr. Behrman escaped to Bialystok where the Jews were forced to live in the ghetto. Mr. Behrman died during the liquidation of the ghetto in 1943.

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